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    How to start Biscuit production Business in Nigeria

    Biscuits are the most commonly consumed form of snacks in the world today. The term biscuit is used for a variety of primarily flour-based products.

    By nature biscuit is a wheat based product containing common nutrients that are needed to keep the body healthy and strong. They are easily digested and can also be preserved for a considerable length of time.

    How profitable is Biscuit production Business in Nigeria


    Nigeria has a population of over 180 million people, and is certainly a good place for production and marketing of biscuit products of different types, tastes and sizes. The industry is worth over N100 billion and can turn an investor’s fortune around.

    Opportunities in Biscuit Production Business in Nigeria

    • Job creation for the unemployed
    • Improves the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country
    • Source of food, Etc.

    Equipment/Materials needed for Biscuit Production Business in Nigeria

    • Biscuit Dough Mixer
    • Rotary Biscuit molder
    • 2 in 1 Rotary Oven
    • Racks (stainless steel)
    • Auto Biscuit wrapper



    1 Sugar 80 cubes
    2 Flour 100g
    3 Egg yokes  
    4 Butter 100g
    5 Salt To taste


    Steps on how to produce biscuit in Nigeria

    • Knead sugar, butter and yokes of eggs very well
    • Add flour and flouring roll out
    • Cut into desired shapes
    • Put it in the oven for about 20 minutes
    • Bake and allow it to cook very well
    • Package and sell

    Success tips for Biscuit Production Business in Nigeria

    Product quality: The first thing you need to consider is quality. The market is already saturated biscuits, what makes your own product different from the others. How will consumers respond to the product.

    Price: Although market forces of demand and supply determine price because of its high competitive nature in the market, quality and quantity can also serve as price determinants. In any case a good price will bring customers to you

    Branding: This is a very important and vital aspect of any business. To achieve this awareness of the product must be taken into consideration, make good adverts that engage people to make them become more aware of the product.

    Marketing: This involves pushing the product into the market. To achieve this get vibrant team, visit shops, markets and supply your products there. Also look out for interested distributors of your product.


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