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    Mini Importation Business- matches and tooth picks

    Nigeria depend on importation, it is a shucking thing that Nigeria import matches and tooth picks, but we can’t do without them, so since we are not ready to produce them we have to keep importing this stuffs. There are so many items out there to import that will interest Nigerians. On interview with a Nigerian importer, he stated that importation business is lucrative and every Nigerian who know how to go about it is sure of being a millionaire in nearest future.

    According to him, he noted that importation business can be started with #20,000 to #50,000 and be sure of making #150,000 monthly, if importing the right products. You can start importation business while you are in Nigeria, Alaba International Market is the answer, go on alibaba and search for a cheap item of $2 – $3 and import 10 pies of it. Hiding camera,s fancy phone cases, Bluetooth speakers and some other stuff like this are best for mini importation. You can meet with retailers to supply them in wholesale price when they arrived, or sell them online


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