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    Start Phone Accessories Business With As Low As N20,000

    Phone accessories are phone stuffs like phone chargers, air pies, USB drive, memory card etc.


    people have issues with their phone accessories every day mostly chargers. This business is very lucrative if you are in a busy location. starting this business is not costly, you can start this business with 20,000 naira. You must have bought charger or ear pies before, this is to say people are buying it always due improper making of chargers this days, people run into one problem or the other with their chargers, and required them to get new, because they can’t throw their phone away.

    If you are ready for this business you can partner in shop with any body that sell phones, or even if you are in Lagos and close to computer village you can take them to any free space and arrange your phone accessories, there are millions of people going to computer village every days.




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