Keep Helping People International Empowered First 10 Members To Join The Platform With N100,000 Plus N10,000

Keep Helping people international an empowerment and employment organization has today fulfilled their promise of empowering the first 100 people who will join and quickly upgrade.

So far, 10 members have joined and today, keep helping people international pay the members 10,000 each which is what they got for upgrading their account with N2, 000.

Keep Helping People International also empowered the first 10 members with non refundable N100, 000 each.

The 100,000 naira empowerment fund is still available for the remaining 90 people who will register and quickly upgrade.

Benefit: You will be paid N10,000 for upgrading your account with N2,000 and also get a non refundable empowerment fund of N100,000.

If you have not register, SIGNUP NOW and quickly upgrade

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Answer Questions About Business and Earn ₦20,000

You Will Earn ₦10,000 If You Register and upgrade your account.

You will earn N2,000 if you invite your friends to join

You will earn N10,000 if you read daily breaking news and share.

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