How modern technology can help improve agriculture in nigeria

How modern technology can help improve agriculture in nigeria

Nigeria is one of the African countries blessed with extremely fertile stretch of lands. The rich soil and favorable climate condition make agricultural production easy. Every year Nigeria produces over a hundred different food crops including yam, maize, cocoa yam, sorghum, potatoes, rice, onions garbage, carrot, beans , pear, cocoa, , okra, millet vegetables and others.

Despite being one of the most fertile lands in the world, Nigeria farming is still lacking a few things. With a little push the agriculture in Nigeria can reach new heights. Framing in Nigeria still follows the traditional method of farming and as a result lags behind the other countries.

The new agricultural technology can make Nigeria one of the agriculturally advanced countries. Here are some ways technology can help:

1. Make the system fast

Most of the framers in Nigeria use traditional method of farming like for ploughing the land. They use hand tools and other traditional methods. This slows down the process and takes up too much time. Using the new method of ploughing the land and for other purposes the farming can be made more efficient.

2. Use Crop Rotation system

Crop rotation is an important part of the agricultural development. This method ensures the soil remain fertile and do not go waste. The method when applied correctly will show great results. Educating the farmers about the benefits and methods of crop rotation the farming in Nigeria can be improved vastly. This will not only benefit the farmers but the population as well.

3. Using high quality seeds

Using genetically advanced seeds is necessary for growing healthy crops. Farmers need to be educated and supplied with the right materials. This will put Nigeria at par with the other countries. Using high quality seeds will generate better crops and hence provide the population with quality food as well support the economy by increasing the export of these quality food crops.

4. Irrigation and Crop protection

Farming in Nigeria needs better irrigation system. Simply relying on rain is not enough. Using the advanced irrigation system the farmers can grow crops without worrying and crops can be grown throughout the year. Likewise, it is important to use newer and advanced crop protection methods so that the crops can be protected from the pests and insects.

5. The right platform

The farmers in Nigeria need the right platform to do business without the middlemen. The farmers are exploited by the middlemen and thus are unable to reap the benefits they should. Through the new technology, the information is no available online. The internet can bring together the buyers and sellers together without the middlemen and provide the farmers to set their own price and get benefits from it.

When it comes to technical advancement in the agricultural field, this method of connectivity cannot be ignored.

6. Bring the Business to agriculture

By involving the business savvy individuals in agriculture, the agriculture in Nigeria can be taken to new heights. With the new and young minds investing in the agriculture, the people of Nigeria can greatly benefit from it. This is also a part of the new technology that must be included in the strategy to change the face of the agriculture in Nigeria.

Farming in Nigeria needs a new approach and strong strategy to succeed in the highly competitive international market. The new technology can help Nigeria reach new heights and take it to a whole new level.



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