Why Agriculture is important for Nigeria’s economy

Why Agriculture is important for Nigeria’s economy

For a country that has such a diverse climate and highly fertile lands, agriculture in Nigeria still lack the respects it deserves. Before the petrol was discovered, Nigeria’s agriculture was booming and it made up the bulk of its economy. It was considered as the one of the top crop producers of the world with major countries like US importing from Nigeria.

Although agriculture in Nigeria is no longer the mainstay of its economy, it still contributes to it. Nigeria needs its agriculture sector to become once again self sufficient in food production. There has been effort to revive the agriculture in Nigeria to help the farmers and agricultural business in Nigeria so that its economy becomes strong once again.

Food Security

One of the main challenges of countries in Africa is food security. With a strong agriculture, Nigeria can cater for its ever growing population and provide quality food. Cutting down on the massive food import and reliance on the foreign currency and promoting agriculture in Nigeria is one of the best ways to ensure food security in the country.


Even though agriculture is no longer the main contributor in its economy, it still provides employment to some 30% of its population. By improving and promoting agricultural business in Nigeria, the percentage of the employment can also be increased. Instead of relying on the foreign currency Nigeria can once again become a self -sufficient country through its agricultural development.

Strengthen the Economy

The over dependence on the crude oil could be very harmful for Nigeria especially when the oil price in the international market is so uncertain. Agriculture in Nigeria with its vast and diverse fertile lands and favorable climate can help make the economy stronger. With the proper investment in the agricultural sector, Nigeria can become a world leader in quality crop production.

The Need for the right approach

Agriculture in Nigeria lacks the resources and the right platform. The farmers are the worst sufferers. By eliminating the middlemen and providing a platform where they can directly interact with the buyers, Agriculture in Nigeria will thrive. Likewise, by involving the business savvy individuals in the industry to make the right investment and bring the latest technology to Nigeria, the agriculture sector will surely reach new heights.


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