SMAT App Helps with Digital Learning for Schools


In these times of uncertainty, a lot can be thrown about. In the confusion, normalcy might get lost, and the “run-of-the-mill” can very soon become a scarce treasure we come to cherish. Social media is full of examples of parents struggling to keep their young ones occupied and engaged for these prolonged periods. One thing that should NOT be lost however, is the need to feed the curiosity and inquisition of our young ones and that’s where we come in.

As such, we at Data.tac Nigeria Limited are offering our SMAT Apps to schools and educational creators a secure and private social interface to keep kids engaged while at home. Due to the closure of schools by the COVID-19 situation we have made our digital learning module FREE till end of the school session for all interested institutions so as not to hinder any means for the young ones to gain knowledge. This will allow schools to keep sharing content to kids at home and also have one-on-one sessions.

As we all look forward to the resumption of normality, let us ensure that our kids continue to get the best.


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