Top 20 Business Blogs In Nigeria Every Business Owner Should Follow


There are few serious business blogs in Nigeria. Most blogs focus on gossip, entertainment news, politics, sports and the likes. This is not surprising considering that majority of Nigeria’s population are youths who love to be entertained.

However, we also have a set of people who are business minded and will like to regularly know what is happening in the business scene.

Luckily, there are focused business blogs in Nigeria changing the narrative. More than ever, several business blogs have emerged in Nigeria. Most of these business blogs are niched and most focus on entrepreneurship. When you follow them closely, you will be informed and inspired to succeed as an entrepreneur.

In no particular order, we have compiled 20 business blogs in Nigeria that write about business, finance, business news, entrepreneurship, business opportunities etc. Don’t hesitate to let us know if we missed anyone in the comments.

Here is our Top 20 Business Blogs In Nigeria


In 2015, started as However, a lot of people could not link the name, ReDahlia to entrepreneurship. Hence, the platform was changed to in 2018. is owned by ReDahlia; a brand that provides business support services and co-working space to business owners.

On, business owners have access to rich contents that helps them grow their businesses. The categories on this platform spans across many disciplines. Some of which include: business ideas, business support, lifestyle of the entrepreneur, finance, funding opportunities, and much more.

Also, through the profile category on, business owners can tell their stories the way they want it to be heard. Profiling your business on the platform gives you access to the following:

  • You will appear on first page of Google when searched.
  • Your business information, not just social media handles will be put on the world map and can easily be seen when searched.
  • Brand awareness for you as a person and as a business.
  • Brand visibility that generates leads
  • Leads that turn to revenue
  • Graphic designs of your quotes that you can post to show yourself as an authority in your industry.

2. Fidelity Bank SME Blog

Fidelity Bank owns a business blog ( that empowers small and medium entrepreneurs for business growth.

One interesting thing about the blog is the SME Radio Forum. On this forum, business owners get to share their experiences in the business world so that aspiring entrepreneurs can learn.

Also, the blog contains articles that proffers solutions to the likely challenges business owners face. Funding opportunities and personal development contents are also covered by the blog.

3. Small Business Digest (

Small Business Digest is one of top rated business blogs in Nigeria. The platform provide online business articles for small business owners and big businesses alike. On, business owners have access to contents
and insights that help them scale their business.

Meanwhile, Small Business Digest is owned by InvoiceAPP Technologies Ltd, an online invoicing software producer.

4. Total Entrepreneur

The Total Entrepreneurs is another great business blog in Nigeria. The website is owned by Ofran Investment Co. Ltd and, managed by Francis Nwokike.

Basically, provide business and personal development articles for new and existing entrepreneurs. Overtime, the contents have helped entrepreneurs grow their business and make
good business decision.

Not only that, total entrepreneurs also conduct interviews for existing entrepreneurs so that upcoming business owners can learn from their success stories.

5. Entrepreneur Platform (

Entrepreneur Platform is owned by Gudtalent and Co Nig Limited. helps young and old entrepreneurs succeed in their businesses through their articles and videos on entrepreneurship. The blog covers areas like: Tech, Finance, Blockchain, Marketing, News and Events, Growth and Personal development.


SME Digest started in 2013 as a hard copy magazine. Thereafter, in 2015, the platform went online. SME Digest is one of Nigeria’s foremost business blog that empowers micro, small and medium enterprises.

In addition, the platform posts rich contents on areas like marketing, social media, IT, how-to-series, and many more.

Currently, SME Digest’s database comprises of 29,972 SMEs and counting. Furthermore, the platform airs a radio show on Inspiration 92.3FM, every Tuesday by 5:00pm. There, you will get to learn from successful entrepreneurs making waves in their different industries.

7. Starta (

Starta believes that Africa can produce billion dollar companies. To this end, Starta provide business support contents, tools and opportunities that help business owners achieve their objective.

In addition, Starta has a podcast section where business owners share their views on different topics. These podcasts are made available on the blog for download.


If you want to venture into agricultural related business, one of the best blogs to visit is This blog was founded by Farotimi Olaoluwa to provide relevant information for those in agri-business. Impressively, this blog aims at using its content to fight hunger and promote food security.


This platform prides itself as a one-stop resource portal for SMEs. SMEtoolkit provides online content and resources SMEs need to run a scalable business.

SMEtoolkit is the blog to go if you need content on accounting, business planning, social responsibility, how-to-series, family business and lots more.


This is another great business blog for startups. Startuptipsdaily begins each day with creative topics that help African entrepreneurs start, run and grow their businesses. In addition, startups can explore the inspiration section to learn from the success stories of other entrepreneurs.


Nairametrics is another major player among business blogs in Nigeria. This blog puts out great content especially on financial literacy. Aside that, there is a section for hot business news and financial calculations. As a business owner, you can visit the site to learn more about tax, treasury bill, dividend and so much more.

You can as well take advantage of their consulting sessions. During this sessions, you will get firsthand information on investment, data analysis, financial management and so on.


This platform provides three basic tools aspiring entrepreneurs need to succeed: Information, Motivation and Resources.

On, there are several business ideas and e-books for aspiring business owners. They also feature entrepreneurs that are making waves in their industries.

13. believes that their content can help you achieve business success. So, if you are after business success, this business blog is a catch for you. Moreover, you don’t want to miss out on the business secrets they have in store for you.


Abode business blog is home for business owners looking to become successful. On this site, ‘wannabe’ and existing business owners can learn how to make smart decisions on their entrepreneurial journey. There are
also tons of business write-ups available for consumption.

Not only that, their articles are well categorised to enhance easy search. The categories include but not limited to agriculture, arts & crafts, business loans, business ideas and cosmetics.


Emenike Emmanuel started EEB in 2016. Basically, this blog focuses on helping small business owners discover sales and advertising tools that will help them stand tall among competition.

They also provide tons of write-ups business owners can read to grow their business. Meanwhile, if you want to learn about blogging, entrepreneurbusinessblog can be of help.

16. Vconnect Blog

Vconnect blog is one of popular business blogs in Nigeria entrepreneurs can gain a lot from. Contents on this blog vary from business tips to business stories; financial article and many more. Also, they are actively involved in business news and interviewing entrepreneurs.


The word “Odeshi” was coined out of an Igbo language phrase “O Dighi Eshi” which means “There are no leaks”. Basically, this platform conduct weekly business podcast for successful business owners. During this moments, entrepreneurs share insights, strategies and tips they applied in their businesses.

So, if you are concerned about what the business world holds for you, you can visit this blog to constantly learn from those that have taken the step already.


Without mincing words, is one of the top business blogs in Nigeria. If you have business related questions, is the right place to ask.

There are millions of users on the platform who are ready to answer any business related question. Also, you can learn from questions that has been answered on the platform.

19. is a business blog managed by Utibe Etim; a web developer. This blog is known for putting out business news and funding opportunities.

Besides that, you can rely on this blog if you need a well detailed business plan. Importantly, if you have a business idea but lack the financial stamina to start, visit for grants, government fundings and international funding opportunities.


Its no longer news that we are in an era where lots of people want to own their businesses. To this end, supports these individuals by providing them with news, policies, innovation and lifestyle articles that will help them grow. Interestingly, this platform is not only geared towards Nigeria but, Africa in general.




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