Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of: A New York City Guide


New York fashion week is fast approaching and we know this because all the fashion bloggers and fashion houses are frequently posting about what to do and wear at/to New York week. However, it is quickly forgotten that New York has much more to offer than just fashion week and although Fashion Week is a huge deal in New York, NY is always bubbling with tourists and not everyone in NY will be in the city for fashion week.

Also, even if you’re in the city for fashion week, it wouldn’t hurt to put out time for site seeing. NY has a lot to offer from the busy streets in Manhattan to the high rise buildings, fashion stores, museums and eateries around the city. Indeed, I am no tour guide, so this is based off my personal experience and the things i did.

It was my first, second, third time in New York. It felt like my first, since I was there this time as an adult and was responsible for my own activities. I went for work with an international brand (by the way, can’t wait to tell you all about that), but I had a few extra days to explore. My boyfriend who was also there for work, worked all through, so I explored the streets of NY all on my own and it was fun to say the least.

I had planned my whole itenary before leaving ATL. I started off with a shoot for the blog, a lot of the photos have already been published here and posted on IG. One of the outfits I shot was this polka dotted look. I invested in a lot of polka dots this summer, as it is what I am currently digging. Loving the whole polka dot trend. Snagged these polka dotted pants in the just concluded Zara sale (they were available online in pink as well). I paired it with this crop top I found at topshop for $13. This look is perfect for a casual day in the city, especially because it is paired with stylish comfortable flats that are suitable for walking short and long distances.

The style and colors of this outfit went well with the whole NY city vibe. Now that I have my look out the way, let me tell you about where I stayed, what I ate and what I did. Scroll down for that information.


I actually stayed at two hotels while in NY. The  first was called Hotel Shocard, which was literally in the heart of Times Square. Times Square is cool, but extremely overwhelming, especially if you are not a people’s person. There’s so much that goes on in Times Square and it is the tourist capital of NY. I enjoyed the other parts of New York City more than I did Time Square. However, because of how central Times Square is, you have access to several places. If you are a walker like me, you can walk down to 5th street where a bunch of shops are and to Bryant Park as well as Grand Central Station (An amazing station with great architecture).

The second hotel I stayed at was about 25minutes and a 15minute drive from Times Square. It was called Ace hotel. It was honestly so beautiful. The lobby was vibrant and different, not your average hotel. The rooms were unique in their own way and very picturesque especially if you got one of the bigger rooms with a view of the city buildings. Below are some photos of Ace.

As briefed on above, Times Square is a vibrant place to visit, but not necessarily stay due to how busy and noisy it is all through the day. The lights definitely will inspire you though, they’re on all day but you appreciate it much more at night even though it can be overwhelming then. The shot below was taken from my first hotel.


Below is a photo of St.Patricks Cathedral, another amazing view on/off 5th Avenue. I walked a lot in New York, so I was able to see a lot of the city i wouldn’t necessarily have had access to, if I took the subway or taxis. Walking vibes you more insight into places you have never been before.

I actually went into the Cathedral and the interior was amazing, I mean you can tell just by looking at it from outside. The Cathedral is open to tourists and you can take pictures there. I shot one of my blog looks at the Cathedral. Do you remember which?

I also found myself at the Musuem of Sex while in NY!! let’s just say this was an interesting experience. It is about $20 something to get into the museum, however, some hotels have brochures with discounted rates. My first hotel actually had a brochure, but I forgot it at the hotel and didn’t realize till much later. So you can actually save on entry tickets. The museum is super explicit and if you are not into explicit content, then you most definitely will not enjoy it. Prepare to see a lot. I shared my experience on my IG story while touring the museum.

Where to Eat

During the day, I ate a lot of meals on my own. I visited places such as Waffles&Dinges (located in Bryant park) that I had found via Instagram. The waffles were honestly so good and was worth my $10. A bit expensive, but it was yummy. I had waffles with strawberries, cream and chocolate sauce – my fave.

At night for dinner, my boyfriend and I went to different restaurants I had suggested. I loved burger and lobster back in England, so I knew I definitely wanted to dine there while in NY. My meal was about $30 for the surf and turf, which was basically a burger, whole Maine lobster and fries. Not bad at all eh?

I also went to Vapianos, which I had been craving for a really long time (Another restaurant I knew from England). I ordered the parpadelle(one of my fave types of pastas), however, I didn’t quite like the bolognese sauce, so I ordered something else which turned out even worse. Not sure if the vapiano in NYC was having a bad day, or it’s just not what I remember from back in the day. Perhaps my taste in food has improved, but this really had me thinking if Vapiano in England could be rated too.

Mexicue was another restaurant I visited and I loved the whole vibe. They seemed to be really popular, as they were not busy when I walked in, but within five- ten minutes, the restaurant got full. I went during lunch time, so i understand a lot of people cake in for lunch. This pulled pork slider I had was the truth. It was amazing down from the bun to the filling, wasn’t expecting the juicyness of the pork.


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