About KHP International

K.H.P International Limited is a registered company, Founded in 2017 by Mr. F. C. Benson. Our aims and objectives include creating Employment and Empowerment opportunities for people to eradicate poverty from every financially challenged person who are not able to secure Empowerment and Employment opportunities in order to pay their school fees, pay their hospital bill, House rent, etc.

Keep Helping people is an international forum that connects people and also serve as leverage to financial freedom. Keep Helping people is created to help widows, market women, Pensioners, Students, Churches, Schools, and Politicians etc.

The organization is made available Worldwide, 100% free to join. There are No Administrative fees, No monthly or annual fees at all.

Keep Helping people is a Member to Member Direct Contribution Forum.

The forum was designed to raise Funds to assist/Help Widows, the Homeless, the Sick, and personal financial assistance etc. The contributions are sent directly and personally from one member to another member, from one member’s payment system to another member’s payment system.

Before you decide to join Keep Helping People please go through our terms and condition to confirm that you understand the system.

Watch and share our tutorials, on www.khpinternational.com before logging into your account.

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